Xenon Partners


Xenon Partners provides software companies with deep operational expertise in growth marketing, sales, design, product engineering, and operations to scale to the next level. Since 2014, Xenon Partners has provided capital and operational expertise to over 25 software and technology companies, resulting in 15 strategic exits.

"The Xenon Partners team are true operators–they know how to accelerate a business. They are relentless execution machines."
– Alex Polvi, CEO CoreOS

"Entrepreneuring requires a diverse set of skills and talents. Xenon has been been there at every turn for RightSignature—thats my definition of teamwork"
– Daryl Bernstein, CEO RightSignature

"The guys behind Xenon have a wealth of operational experience in the SaaS and cloud space."
– Eoghan McCabe, CEO at Intercom

"When I think of the Xenon team, I think of acuteness of vision. They have consistently delivered on leading technologies before the mainstream even knew what they were."
– Oren Teich, former CEO Heroku